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ReSTOR® IOL Lens Implant

Better Than Ever

Multifocal IOLs for a Full Range of Vision

When your eyes were young, the natural lens was flexible. Around the age of 40, the lens inside the eye starts to lose it flexibility. Reading glasses and bi-focal glasses become necessary to read up close. This condition is called “presbyopia” and it affects everyone, including those who are nearsighted, farsighted, have cataracts, or had perfect vision all of their lives.

In the past, patients undergoing cataract surgery could only have a monofocal intraocular lens implant (IOL). Monofocal IOLs provide good vision at only one point of focus, usually distance. In order to see clearly at all distances, patients receiving a monofocal IOL still require glasses for near and intermediate.

Today, our patients have the option of choosing a multifocal IOL that can provide excellent near, intermediate and distance vision with little, if any, dependency on glasses for most of their daily activities. At Thurmond Eye Associates, we prefer the AcrySof® ReSTOR® IQ Multifocal IOL. With the ReSTOR multifocal IOL, our patients can read books, work on the computer, and drive a car – day or night – with increased freedom from glasses.

For patient who elect this option prior to surgery, you will undergo a full analysis to determine if you are a candidate for the ReSTOR multifocal IOL. Our doctors will then customize a treatment plan to optimize your post-operative vision to be able to see at all distances with this IOL. The full benefit of having multifocal IOLs will be realized once you have these lenses implanted in both eyes. Be sure to ask your doctor if the AcrySof ReSTOR IQ Multifocal IOL is right for you.